Welcome Jaish Public School Azamgarh

Affiliated to C.B.S.E New Delhi (Affiliation Number-2133085) 

Academic Achievement

In the field of academic achievement The Jaish Public School  focus on learning for every student every day. It is reflected in both achievement and growth. We refined our process of engagement to include interactive state. As school is a miniature society. So, at Jaish Public School children live, make interaction and perform functions under the supervision of teachers. We provide quality of life in the class room and creating an environment that determines how students behaves and interacts to meet the demand of life.  It is the learning environment that determines how a student behaves and interacts. As academic atmosphere is in which one attempts to learn. We at Jaish Public School provide healthy environment where student feels happy, feel a part of school. It is the measure of Psyco-social climate. So providing cognitive, emotional and social support to the students we focus on the all round development of children.

The academic program at Jaish Public School involves the factor such as teacher – student relationship. We value scholarships at Jaish Public School by recognizing honor roll inclusion for higher grades. There are several Awards for fine arts, music and even for specific subjects etc. Regularity is given the highest priority. So, the school provides perfect attendance awards. Encouraging and providing the volunteer related awards. Moreover for the academic achievement the marks of all the classes obtained by the students in the examination are noted and displayed and are felicitated with awards .Following the model of teaching such as curriculum, instruction and assessment .We foster on the specific and overall development of child. We are dedicated in maintaining the highest standard of education. Our quality learning approaches that we help every child achieve excellence. For the 5th year running students have achieved 100% pass rate. Here every child have opportunity which will equip every child with confidence and open mindedness to pursue their dreams.

Since, it’s establishment in 2014 Jaish Public School have developed and progress in every sphere of academic excellence. The child use to grow in truly international environment learning to embrace different culture adapt to new challenges and apply confidence and enthusiasm to any challenges.

Jaish Public School affiliated to CBSE – New Delhi in the year 2018 Dec has delivered high quality, transformational education to ensure academic excellence by going beyond traditional learning. This enables us to recruit and retain world leading teachers and to offer unforgettable experience through global and regional events. While our engaging learning environment ensures all of our students love coming to school. Congratulations  are due not only to our students but also to our dedicated world leading teaching staffs who have helped to contribute to make Jaish Public School a success.


Jaish Public School has always focus to create a educational society. Since the beginning of the establishment the school. It is determined to provide a quality education to children of its surrounding. Jaish Public School stimulates curiosity in the young impressionable mind and equips them with the tools to the better human being. As school is foremost fountain of knowledge children are exposed.  We give chance for them to acquire knowledge on every aspect. Here they are not only exposed to new ideas but also the same aged.


Jaish Public School always thinks about the fitness and well beings of its students .The sports competition inculcate the spirit of positive challenges and sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead. Sports, games and physical fitness occupy a place of importance in our curriculum.

We at Jaish Public School focus on various competition to bring the students together and make them fit. As the school has divided into four different house. We conduct various inter house games and sometimes inter class competition also.

Sports day is held every year on the eve of Children’s day where different games and activities competitions are beimg conducted.

Our football team has two amazing success in June by winning the interschool tournament among the surrounding schools. Such an amazing accomplishment we are very proud!

We often send our students to take part in various sports held at other school where our kabaddi team reached final last year and gave us a proud moment.

Cricket is one of the favorite sports of students. So, looking at the interest of the students once in a year a cricket tournament is held in the school for which we nurture our students and prepare them for the future.

Taekwondo, gymnastics are also favorite among students especially among girls, where students are trained and at regular intervals a healthy competitions are held to foster the knowledge of self defense among the students.

Basketball, volleyball, table tennis, long jump, high jump, badminton are some of the sports which Jaish Public School use to conduct at regular intervals as a part of school curriculum.


Parents-  Teachers association of Jaish Public School is formed with a view to support management, teachers and students. In every academic session a fresh executive body is formed and its members conduct various activities for the students throughout the year.

The P.T.A has s president, vice- president, treasurer secretary and joint secretary. The staffs and students are always active and energetic.

Due to prevailing global situation with respect to covid 19. The management of Jaish Public School decided to own online classes for its students considering the global scenario of corona and lockdown. It was not sure to conduct various activities. So, certain activities for the session was withdraw. As a whole parent teacher association remains active for the whole year.

The P.T.A of Jaish Public School supports the educational programs and extracurricular activities whole year. It also provides feedback and suggestion for school program. It always aim for the awareness of school safety and security issues, as it is the core purpose of P.T.A of Jaish Public School to discuss the academic performance of child which it always have. Discussing the comfort level during a class and asking students such problem P.T.A in Jaish Public School always focus on this. The other activities such as action plan, hobbies , talents interaction with other parents, social skills are some other areas which the P.T.A of Jaish Public School actively take part. The most important part of the P.T.A is to implement the structure of the feeling together with management and the Principal.


  Safe environment healthy environment Jaish Public School have taken several efforts to make the environment safe and healthy for everyone. In addition to acting themselves Jaish Public School inspire students on environmental issues equipping them to make informed choices about the impact of their action. Jaish Public School is cleaned using chemicals that have an environmental impacts. We continuously advocate students to become conscious about environment. We teach the children to preserve our environment. We try to develop comprehensive program focusing on low hanging fruit preventing dirt entering the building and exposure of teachers, students to chemicals. By creating an environmental club in the school we conduct various activities around preservation  of environment by dividing the garden in  different house. We sometimes plant trees, shrubs and flowers in the school garden.

We foster on cleanliness where children make sure that everything is clean and litter free. The students always made aware of environment policies. Sometimes conducting debate on the topic environment students are made aware about it. Inter house board decoration on the topic environment is the another step towards the awareness about the environment.

Empathy for the living creative is inculcated among the students. By organizing events on environment involving parents also Jaish Public School has been always  a active participant to save the environment.




  Experienced teaching staff.  Digital classes for students in every section.  Daily enrichment classes.  Spacious playground.  Sufficient number of deluxe school buses.  Aquaguard for potable water.  Outstanding results.  Neat and hygienic school atmosphere.